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Thank you for checking out Tracey Leung Photography! I hope you get inspired for your next family portrait session with us.

Where are you located?

I am based in San Francisco Bay Area. Most of my sessions are in San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont, San Jose, the Peninsula, and surrounding areas. I love to travel and explore the beauty of other cities and definitely can make arrangement for photo sessions outside the San Francisco Bay Area.

Where is the photo session taken place?

Photo session will be at your choice of an outdoor location, such as neighborhood park, grassy field, hiking trail, forested area, beach, urban downtown, landmark, or at the comfort of your home or backyard.

When is the best time to have a photo session?  

The golden hour, one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset, is the prime time to shoot with the magical lighting that gives a soft and warm look on the pictures. I suggest schedule your session closer to the golden hour to have the flattering images that everyone admires.


What do I expect for the pre-session consultation?

Pre-session consultation can be done either in person, over the phone or via email. I will learn about your family and your children, and find out what types of images you would like from your portrait session. We will discuss the possible photo shoot locations and I will give you wardrobe guidance, and will go over any questions you might have.

Do I need to bring any props for the session?

If there is a sentimental item you want to be included in the picture feel free to let me know during our pre-session consultation, I will include it in the photo session.  I want you to have pictures that represent your family and being meaningful to you.  After all, the most important element of the portrait session is you and your family.

What do I expect for the portrait session?

Portrait session takes about 60 to 90 minutes, depends on the mood of the children and how the flow goes. It will be a balance of posed pictures and candid shots.

I will give posing direction during the session to capture the glamour of each family member, tell you where to stand and where to look, in order to get you into nice light and position.

I will also create a playful environment and have some activities for your family to engage, and I will take pictures along the way to capture the interaction and love in your family. The portrait session is always fun and relaxed!


What photography gear do you use?

I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 7D Mark II.  I carry two cameras with me to my photography sessions because it saves me time to change out lenses and allows me to act fast, means I am able to capture the spontaneous action shots.

I might have 3 to 5 different lenses with me at a given event, giving me a variety of perspectives and feel & allowing me to realize my artistic vision during a photography session.  My go-to lens for both my personal and professional photography are 24-70mm f/2.8L and 70-200mm f/4L.  I love how the lens capture crisp images;  the low aperture helps me achieve beautiful bokeh and soft portraits, the 70-200mm gives me a perfect distance for candid shots.

Do you edit our photographs?

Yes! All photographs are carefully selected and professionally hand edited to make sure they look the best when I present them to you in your online gallery.

How long after my session can I see my online gallery?

I understand how anxiousand excited you are while waiting for the pictures! The turnaround time is usually about one week after the session. From time to time, I receive special request, and I will expedite the post processing to 2 or 3 days.

What do I expect for the order session?

At the order session, we will go over various options for displaying your images. You can view and order any prints and products that you wish to purchase, and I will be there to help guide you through everything and help answer questions you might have.

How long does it take to receive my print order?

Most prints and products ordered arrive about 5 to 6 weeks after the order session.  Once everything is in, I inspect your order for accuracy and make sure everything is up to my high quality standards. 

We love our pictures; can we have all the unedited photos?

Knowing my clients love their pictures is very rewarding! All the pictures I deliver to clients are carefully selected and professionally edited. Unedited photos are not fully representing my quality of work and my photography style, and will not be delivered to clients.

Family picture with baby girl and big brother San Francisco Bay Area Family Photography Tracey Leung

Do you shoot for birthday party or family events?

Yes! I love capturing the happiness at celebrations! Clients see me as their family photographer and call me for various events, such as birthday party, family reunion, graduation, dance recital, and etc.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes!  Gift certificates can be purchased for any denomination starting from $50. Gift certificate can be mailed out either to the purchaser or directly to the recipient. 

How can I book you for a photo session?

I’m so excited to work with you!  Please fill out the Contact Form or send me an email to


Thanks for sharing my photography journey!  Questions?