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Why families love Tracey Leung Photography?

The Tracey Leung Photography experience is designed to preserve your memories by offering unique portrait session experience and delivering beautiful family portraits! Each time when you look at the pictures, you are reminded – you are loved and valued.



From the first inquiry to the final portrait delivery, you will receive attentive customer service. I am here to listen your little ones’ personality, their favorite songs, your family portrait needs, your outfit selection, and your thoughts of portrait display. Then, I plan a smooth and activity-filled portrait session for you and your family. I personally handle all the details of the portrait session from start to finish. You feel that I am by your side, walk through the portrait process with you, and serve you with a positive manner.



During the portrait session, it will be a combination of posed and candid pictures. I understand how awkward it feels in front of camera… You are not sure how to stand, what to do with your hands, where to look… Do not worry. I will guide you and help you feel comfortable! I also take pictures along the way while family engaging in various activities: hold hands walking, spinning in circles, dancing, acting silly… just to loose a little bit to capture the genuine smile and authentic connection of your family in a beautiful way!

I strive for capturing the essence of the child. If your child need a little snack or cuddle during the session, it is totally fine with me. I will stay a little bit longer until the child feel comfortable and reveal the glimpse of grin.



I want to make sure that each time when you look at your family portrait, you feel beautiful and loved. I am a strong believer in printing and displaying family pictures, and I extend this belief to include print products in each portrait collection.

It is overwhelming when it comes to numerous print product, size and material choices. To eliminate the confusion, I provide complimentary wall art design consultation. I will guide you to select the best portraits and print products that complement with your family’s personality and home decor. You will feel amazing that those photographs are perfectly showcased on the walls of your home!

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